Notes from the Instrument Shop

Regarding Rochester Fuel Senders:
Instrument Rebuild is approved and certified by the FAA to REBUILD, REFURBISH, and ADDRESS manufacture's discrepancies in your ROCHESTER FUEL SENDERS. This includes design errors in new manufacture as well as design errors in fuel senders in current use. This is an exclusive certification that we alone hold. (Per our FAA approved, Components Maintenance Manual Created by us for us and the FAA who has certified our manuals..) Our manuals are complete with pictures and diagrams.

We have been told by the FAA that our manuals are priceless.

Our recent conversations with Rochester Vice President were encouraging but so far they have not indicated that they were interested in our concerns about the airworthiness or reliability of their current design.

They ignored the necessity of corrective action. We alone have the exclusive FAA approval to address these design errors and the certification to correct them.

Before you throw it away, or buy a pricy new one, contact us. Already bought a new one? Let us upgrade it for you. Why don't you ask Rochester and Cessna to talk to us?

Don't have time to call? Send them a copy of this note.

Comparison: New Rochester Deposit Film Fuel Senders versus Stewart Warner Wire Wound Fuel Senders, and the original wire wound Rochester, or the recent deposit film fuel senders. The choice is yours but make it carefully. Know the facts and limitations. Any questions? Call us. 480-888-9755

1.The wire original wire wound fuel sender devices manufactured by Stewart Warner have lasted 40 or more years and are still rebuildable.

2. Rochester wire wound fuel senders have a design deficiency which is correctable thus increasing their life span. Instrument Rebuild has FAA approval to address this design deficiency and thus greatly increases the reliability of this Rochester fuel sender.

3. Rochester deposit film fuel senders however, because of their construction and design have a shorter usable life and require servicing within two years, with a life expectancy of another two years after servicing at the most.

4.The deposit film design makes it susceptible to self generated contamination created by wear particles, plus fuel additives and moisture, etc. due to the lack of hardness of the design material. The deposit film also wears out and does not have the lasting durability of the wire wound design.

The current ads regarding the reliability of all the new deposit film fuel senders are at best delusional.


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